Why is my urine cloudy with white flakes and strings?

soulmelody Asked: Why is my urine cloudy with white flakes and strings?

I know this is going to bring out all the jokers, but I want a serious reply. I think I've stumped my doctor with this one. I'm female, by the way, in case that bit of info comes in handy. See, for months I've been having cloudy urine on and off, but longer than that I've been having little tiny specs of white in it. Kind of like dandruff, and occasionally they will look like tiny strings. Sometimes the dandruff like specs will show up in my stool too (I know TMI), but not as often as showing up in my urine. I sometimes itch in that area and rarely does it burn when I pee. My doctor's done the urine sample test, didn't find any infection or whatever they look for in those things. Also did a couple stool tests and everything was fine. My pap test was done when I had the occasional white flakes in my urine, but they still didn't detect anything. I also had a sonogram thing and everything looked fine. My doctor did say they thought they saw a small buildup of something (can't remember what,she said something that sounded like calcium but I'm not sure if I'm remembering that correctly) but they just dismissed it after a second sonogram was done and they didn't see it again. Oh, and I am NOT pregnant or sexually active, so you can rule those out. It also doesn't seem to matter if I'm well hydrated or not, either. It's just harder to see the flakes and string-like things when my urine's clear but they are still there. I tried to scoop out (I know, ew) with a cup, a clump of this white stuff, but it broke apart the second I touched it. Like an ultra sensitive toilet paper, breaking off into tiny stringy and flake bits (but it wasn't toilet paper I'm 100% sure). The only thing my doctor suggests is an endoscopy, which is definitely NOT something I want to do. Ever.
I'm just confused. The only thoughts I have are that it's either candida or some other female problem or kidney issues. I'm 22 as well, I don't smoke or drink. My eating habits could be better, though.
I'm just scared this is something serious and nobody is able to find out what exactly it is.
Does anybody know what I am talking about? Can anybody help or offer some advice?
I go to the doctor tomorrow, so if anybody can give me something to ask her about or whatever I would greatly appreciate it.


Megan Van der wolf Answered:
do not eat animal products and lactose products for some time. it sounds like too much urea concentration mixed with candida. candida is in your bowels but it can pass in your vagina so when you pee you think that is from there. take some antibiotics for yeast infection and some creme for candida and put in your anus to kill candida. drink more water and herbal teas. also take some light diet while your body gets back to the old good form. soon you ll be fit and healthy!

Mary Kontrarry Answered:
I'm not sure what kind of doctor you're seeing, but I suggest consulting with a gynecologist and a urologist.

I checked the real internet for the phrase "white flakes in urine" and the first couple of hits were from this website about Interstitial Cystitis: http://www.ic-network.com/

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