Why does my vagina itch so bad?! please help im scared?

CheerLeader Asked: Why does my vagina itch so bad?! please help im scared?

ok im 13 years old and my vagina itches SO BAD!! sometimes i cry because it itches so bad… i dont have any other symptoms of a yeast infection so its not that but i do have bumps down there but i am NOT sexually active but i did masterbate with my dads electric toothbrush and mydad smokes weed so is it possible i got it from that?? and my dad extremly sexually active so isit possible for me to have gotten an std because another girl masterbated with the same toothbrush?? it immediatley started itching after i masterbated and it hasnt stop for about 3 days… please help.. what should i dooo????!!!!


SAKATA Answered:
scratch it…
what else is there to do when something itches?

Taylor Answered:
Okay first. Calm down it is likely you have a yeast infection. The grooves on the toothbrush are breeding ground for bacteria. Also, if you are you using a toothbrush, you really need to buy a vibrator instead. Using a toothbrush is very unclean. The fact your father does smoke weed does not have any relevance to the itching…

always b natural Answered:
Get to a dr!There is something going on down

And stop using random stuff for satisfaction.
That is a sure way to get infection

Nevada Gocha Answered:
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Jessica Trombley Answered:
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