Why does my vagina feel irritated?

Shelbi Asked: Why does my vagina feel irritated?

I'm spotting, so I have a tampon in.
I get an itching sensation inside my vagina right at the opening.

I thought I may have been too dry so I tried taking the tampon out and using a liner for a little bit to get the natrual moisture back. I later put a new one in, and it still feels itchy. I feel what sort of feels like cracks right where the vagina opening is making the skin burn when urinating.

I also feel like I need to urinate a lot with them in.

Could I have a UTI? Or yeast infection?

I used Tampax Pearls. Maybe it's the tampon?


Maekyn Answered:
I used to get that… But it went away, so I don't know if it was anything serious.

At the time, though, I was being stupid and using tampons ALL the time (I hated the discharge). Even at night. So if it was something serious, apparently I didn't get infected. It might've been the start of it, though. I stopped when it started itching.

You're best bet is to consult a doctor. Unlike what I did.

Becky Answered:

I've had this exact same thing and it's HORRIBLE!

I would suggest not using tampons, having a shower and just using water or a FemFresh shower gel to make sure the area is clean and only using your hand to wash yourself. I would also suggest using Canesten to rule out any chances of you having thrush, because if it's itchy and burning it could well be that.

If you have been scratching yourself, chances are you may have torn the skin. I've done this before and it's very uncomfortable. If you wish to treat the itching and burning natural yoghurt is an absolute god send to calm down the side effects for now. I would make sure you definitely went to your doctor though, just to be sure.

Be calm!


TommyMc Answered:
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CHRIS Answered:
Sure ! you can add a little potassium sorbate toward the end of fermentation ! to keep it a little sweet & help shelf life ! .05 gram – 5 gal.

My Profile Answered:
Not always. Sometimes it can make someone get blind. I'm not sure why.

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