Why do my private area itch so often?

model2011 Asked: Why do my private area itch so often?

For the past 6 months now, the area above my clitoris itches really often and when I scratch, it gets sore. I went to the doctor, and they told me I have NO yeast infections and everything is fine.. I want to know why am I experiencing this constant itching above my clitoris?? I stopped shaving down there after I realized I had the itching. And No Im not sexual active..


Lissy G Answered:
my sister has the same problem but she just always needs to make sure its spotless down there . lol . if you dont mind could you vote for my dog here :
Good Luck ! Thanks !

Emily Answered:
Are you wearing tight jeans all the time, may be it is the reason. I have this same problem as my dress jeans and pants are so tight that sweat accumulate in that region and feels itchy. Most of the time I will be sitting and as a result the tight jeans will be in maximum pressure at crotch and it tend to rub the private part everytime.

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