why did my uti symptoms go away? do i even have a uti?

Kat Asked: why did my uti symptoms go away? do i even have a uti?

about a little over a month ago i was diagnosed with a uti. i had experienced burning, urgency to pee frequently and back pains. my doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and i immediately felt better. a few weeks ago i was having extreme itching and when i told my doctor he suggested monistat and said it was not a yeast infection but maybe some other kind of fungal infection. (gross, i know haha) anyway, i took the monistat and the itching went away but about a week later, whether this was related to the monistat or not, i started experiencing the same symptoms i had experienced when i had a uti. (urgency to pee frequently and burning) i called my doctor yet again but since i had just been there a week before, he suggested i see a gyno. i don't have insurance and seeing a gyno is very expensive so im waiting for my next paycheck to see a doctor. i took uricalm to ease my urgency to pee but since then my urgency and burning symptoms have stopped but i am now experiencing some weird pressure in my lower abdomen and my back where my kidneys are are hurting as well. (similar to the back pain i experienced with the uti) my question is, can it still be considered a uti if i am no longer experiencing burning and urgency? why did those symptoms go away after i stopped taking the uricalm? do i have a uti or a bladder infection? i have been tested for std's and i am clean, although i am sexually active but with a partner i share a 3 year long relationship with. should i go to the doctor just because i am experiencing pressure and discomfort in my lower abdomenand back pains? thanks for your help!


top notch lady exclusive Answered:
but I'm having da same problem now how long did it take for it to go away n yes go to da doctor

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