Tiny Itchy Bumps In Vaginal Area?

Splash Asked: Tiny Itchy Bumps In Vaginal Area?


I have had a yeast infection before and it was very itchy.This time, my vaginal area is very itchy when it comes in contact with clothing or just bothered.i have tiny white bumps on the inside of my lips near my opening.i don't think it's a yeast infection because there is no discharge.but my bf and i were in the woods and we were "messing around" if you know what i mean and it wasn't sex.idk if his hands touched something and then me and now i am reacting?i am not sure what this is and he claims he does not have any disease.i just saw the gyn a couple days ago and he didn't say anything… before seeing my bf the same day i went on a bike ride and sweated my butt off, not sure if that has anything to do with it since i sweat everywhere… just wondering what this is if anyone can help.it is very itchy and i feel uncomfortable… comments would help… i would also like to know what to do… i am on bc and they say to not take AZO Yeast because it decreases the effect of the bc and i don't want to do that.we did have sex a couple days ago and it didn't hurt and he used a condom just in case it was a yeast infection.nothing hurts just itches…


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