Systemic Yeast Infection – How to Cure Yeast Infections – The truth is that a Systemic yeast infection can be extremely hazardous to your health. Candida Albicans is a type of yeast that can infect all body orifices. Although yeast can appear anywhere in our body, it thrives best in moist, dark, warm places, like the vagina. When Candida Albicans begins breeding in the large intestine, it will overgrow and begin causing systemic symptoms. As Candida gets a grip on the large intestine, people experience characteristic symptoms such as gas, anal itching, fatigue, bloating and allergies. Body defenses grow weaker. Candida, in conjunction with other fungi, infects other areas of the body. People may endure athlete's foot, skin infections or jock itch. Once yeast fully takes over the large intestine, it takes the place of our normal beneficial bacteria. Although yeast can't assault tissues like bacteria or viruses, it compensates by putting out root-like "rhizoids" to pierce the walls of the large intestine. Undigested proteins now have an avenue to enter the bloodstream of the person, who could experience leaky gut syndrome. Diverse symptoms can manifest ranging from asthma, joint pain and lupus to brain damage. When its toxic by-products circulate in the bloodstream, yeast overgrowth begins to carry-out a search and destroy mission to ultimately gain control of all body systems. If the root cause of systemic yeast infections is not treated, it will spread to body cells, tissue and organs. Yeast cells <b>…</b>

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