Swollen vagina lips?

esther Asked: Swollen vagina lips?

i have a yeast infection so i put garlic in my vagina, dumb idea but thats beside the point. i woke up this morning with an extremely itchy vagina. i went to go pee & the vagina lips were very large & swollen. my entire vagina hurts & itches. how can i stop the swelling? please help asap


nothing Answered:
My gynocologist told me swelling of the vagina is due to a yeast infection. And it's itchy because of the yeast. There is a product callee AZO yeast and it helps alot with the itching its found next to the monistat at stores. You should also be using monistat 7 day cream. not garlic lol. Keep the outside clean until you can use the monistatsometimes douching helps with the itching for immediate relief, even though your not supposed to

christinamarie3 Answered:
I still can't wrap my head around the fact that you put garlic in your vagina.
I hope to god you're just a troll. BUT, if this happens to be completely serious, you need to get yourself to your OBGYN.
May I ask why on earth you thought shoving garlic up there would cure a yeast infection?? O___o

sugarbee Answered:
Why would you put garlic down there?
My goodness,please go to your doctor as soon as possible.

ChemoAngel Answered:
You're right. Dumb Idea. Get treated by a professional, it works better. Best soak in a tub of warm water, but call the doctor, you need some serious medicine.

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