Swollen vagina? Allergic reaction or something else?

Neisa Lowry Asked: Swollen vagina? Allergic reaction or something else?

Okay so, first, I am 22 weeks pregnant and I have this bubble thing on the outer lip of my vagina that my dr said was just from pressure on my vagina from my pregnancy. It doesn't hurt or anything like that. One morning I noticed the skin on my vagina was irritated because I didn't clean it well enough before I went to bed so I cleaned it again and put some Medicine on it to help with the itchy, irritated skin. I used the medicine for about two or three days and it seemed to be better. Then my Fiance and I had sex (we used lube… Kind of a lot too… and it was only the second time of us using this kind) the first time we used it everything was normal but the second time, after we finished I noticed my vagina was all swollen (painfully swollen) and the next day it was all itchy. The itchyness has gotten worse.
So my question is, is the itchyness connected to the bubble thing or is it an allergic reaction or an infection? Has anyone else had a bubble on their vagina during pregnancy? should I get some yeast infection medication?
Also I have a dr appt again soon so please don't tell me to go to the dr cuz I already am.


Kitten Mittens Answered:
It is extremely common to develope bacterial and yeast infections during pregnancy due to different hormonal balances. Sex only raises these chances.Call your pre-natal care provider for an appointment, and after a quick and practically painless analysis, you will be prescribed something for either or both conditions, all typically working within 5-10 days (depending on diagnosis and treatment method of either bac. or yeast infections.)Don't think the bump is anything to fret about if your doctor is not worried. Pregnancy hormones do crazy things to our bodies!

VIRGO Answered:
You can purchase Vagisil,it's for that type of problem.Also check out the link I posted for you.www.vagisilkit.com

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