My urine results read protein +, wbc 1-3/hpf, yeast cells +, epithelial cells +, no glucose,ph 6.?

Christina Asked: My urine results read protein +, wbc 1-3/hpf, yeast cells +, epithelial cells +, no glucose,ph 6.?

what does that mean.btw im pregnant.


thenoseknows Answered:
It means you're not diabetic but your pH level is too low. It should be 7. You need to eat more alkalizing foods like fruit and vegetables.

Widget Answered:
Protein should only be found in small quantities, if any, in the urine.Without knowing what type of protein test was done, it's hard to say what the "positive" part means.Protein and these other urine tests are often run as a general pregnancy workup.

WBCs, or white blood cells, in urine is generally a low number which yours is.High numbers could indicate infection in the urinary tract such as a UTI.

Epithelial cells make up the inside of the bladder, so it is normal to have some in the urine.Having higher numbers could indicate infections.

Urine is normally sterile, which means it does not contain bacteria, yeast, etc.However, bacteria from the areas around the urinary meatus can contaminate samples.If yeast is found in the urine, I would suspect your doctor would do a vaginal exam to rule out yeast infection.

As for glucose, it should not be in the urine.Glucose in the urine generally indicated diabetes.

Urine pH should be 4.5 – 7.8, so you're right on target.

To really understand what all of this means, it would be best to talk to your doctor or his/her nurse about the results as random internet people can't really be trusted to be qualified, nor do they know your overall health status.S/he can best tell you if there is anything to worry about.But, since you are pregnant, just be aware that this type of urine testing is common as a general workup.


Tony Answered:
Eat less junk (not being bitchy but thats tell tale of your diet) more water not from the glass but from fruits and veggies less processed crap

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Yeastrol468x60 My urine results read protein +, wbc 1 3/hpf, yeast cells +, epithelial cells +, no glucose,ph 6.?

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