I had a small pimple inside the hood on my clitoris?

parallel universe Asked: I had a small pimple inside the hood on my clitoris?

I haven't done anything sexual in almost a year, so it cannot be herpes.
And it is only one individual pimple, it's happened before but went away. My clitoris would feel tender to the touch, and there would be a white thing, like a popped pimple next to it in the hood. The rest of my vagina is not affected. It isn't overly painful, just tender.
Could this be related to a yeast infection, or a symptom of Clamydia?


bri z Answered:
No, i get them too. Just dont scratch it or pop it. Leave it alone it will be gone in a few days. Answer my latestquestion please?

Gerald Answered:
If you pull the hood back exposing the clitoris try putting a small dab of Neosporin on a Q-tip and kind of swab the area. If you find the numbing type would be better for the discomfort. Try this for a day ot two. Also when showering or bathing make sure to run running water on the area. This may be a small portion of toilet paper irritating this area.
Good Luck.

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