Had a swab done and test results came back negative, but have symptoms?

Emily Tear Asked: Had a swab done and test results came back negative, but have symptoms?

I've had symptoms of an vaginal infection for a while now. The whole blotchy white discharge and smelly with swelling. I had a swab done and the nurse looked at my vagina and said it looked clean and healthy – no sign of yeast for example. She said it could be a Bacterial infection, but I just got a text back saying "This text confirms that all your results are negative"
Now what? I wash everyday, she said it was clean, yet I still get smelly discharge etc. WHAT NOW!? I've lied to my boyfriend and said I haven't got a text yet, I'm too embarrassed, if he hears it's negative, he will automatically put it down to hygiene.


calieboo Answered:
hmm… did you have discharge when you got the test? How did she not see it?! If it were not smelly I would say probably a yeast infection. I know it might be embarrassing but you should go get a second opinion, and not wash all the discharge off before the appointment so that they can see what is going on – you want it fixed right?

Smelly discharge is not normal. It is possible to get a false negative which is why you should go again. Likely it is some sort of easily treatable infection. I'm concerned that you're not that comfortable to your boyfriend to share this with him. If you are sexually active, you should abstain from sex or use condoms in case you give it to him (unless he gave it to you?) You're going to have to talk to him about this. I would suggest that he also gets tested as he could have possibly given something to you, there are a lot of things that go undetected in men but easily show up in the female anatomy.

Don't worry! I'm sure it's not your hygiene. You'll get this sorted out.

lauriejane Answered:
im in the exact same situation so i feel better im not on my own. twice ive had neg results back and ive been checked for any sti's so its not that either. i hope we get answers. GPs are no help!

Jennifer Answered:
Hi hon.I just answered effectively the same question for someone else, so I'm going to copy and paste it for you:

You might be irritated for another reason. Here's what I recommend:

If you use condoms, switch to latex-free.
Avoid spermicide, as it's really harsh on vaginas.
Wash with water every day, no soap.
No douche! Ever!
Wear 100% cotton undies that aren't too tight. Bikinis are better than thongs. Less rubbing!
Switch to a "free and clear" type laundry detergent, and use 1/2 recommended amount.
Wear loose-fitting clothes or skirts. You want to get lots of air around your genitals.
Get some probiotics. I use ones that say "for vaginal health" from Whole Foods. Open the capsule and dust some of the powder right on your labia and into the creases. Even put a little on your finger and put it in your vagina. A cheaper solution is to use live-culture PLAIN yogurt. Sounds gross, I know, but you might just need good bacteria, and it's full of good bacteria. It's also cool and soothing.

I think you probably are having an allergic reaction to something or that your vaginal bacteria (the good kind) is just depleted for some reason. I hope that these suggestions help!

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