Can I put lotion on my vagina?

cryssyt Asked: Can I put lotion on my vagina?

I just got a yeast infection from the heat and the sweat and all.My vagina itched alot and, regretfully, I scratched and rubbed it.The yeast infection's almost gone, the itching's stopped, and the swelling went down, but now my labia is very dry.It looks like when your skin peels after you get a bad sunburn. So I'm wondering if I can put lotion >> ON << my vagina. Not in.ON. Just the skin around the place you pee from.


Rebecca Answered:
Yes you can,scent free thougj try…vaseline

Mike Answered:

David K Answered:
So I was eating a chocolate bar and I came across this question. With further reading, I almost puked all over my parents bed. Yes, use the lotion if you want.. Hold up, I need to use the toilet.

Dude Answered:
Don't put body lotion on it!

Nisa None Answered:
it will be automatically removed wait for some time and dont touch that place again and again otherwise u will get infection

tahirmib Answered:
It really depends on the type of lotion that you are planning on using. Since the genital area is so sensitive, certain fragrances and ingredients can actually irritate the area and cause the problem to worsen.

A good thing to try is to use a diaper cream (since it is made especially for a baby's sensitive area), a Hydrocortisone cream, or 100% Aloe Vera gel.

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