Can greek yogurt help cure a yeast infection ?

Megg Asked: Can greek yogurt help cure a yeast infection ?

Can appyling greek yogurt into your vagina help with a yeast infection? I know plain yogurt will, but will plain GREEK yogurt? Please answer only if you have a real answer, thank you for your time icon smile Can greek yogurt help cure a yeast infection ?

Also…can doing this remmedie harm you if you really do NOT have a yeast infection ? Just a side question..


Allison Answered:
uhhh….i wouldn't try it.
just go buy a yeast infection curer kit thing. don't stick yogurt in your vagina. you'll probably get ants.

Bri Tate Answered:
Long as it has acidophilus and or live cultures in it

Chantell Answered:
Any plain yogurt with live bacterial cultures will help restore the vagina's natural bactieral balance. Just be sure not to use ant with flavoring or colouring. You can also place some on your finger and insert it. Just be sure to wash it out.

Karly M Answered:
This remedy can help, and greek yogurt would work fine, but it HAS to be plain, unflavored yogurt. If you use yogurt that has sugar in it, the yeast will feed off of it.

It will not harm you if you don't have one.

thenoseknows Answered:
A far better plan is to take a high quality probiotic supplement and grapefruit seed extract. Glopping yogurt on yourself isn't very effective, it may give you some temporary symptomatic relief but it won't cure it. Yeast infections result from internal bacterial overgrowth (make worse by having taken antibiotics) that needs to be corrected through dietary rather than topical methods.
If you avoid sugars and starches until this has cleared up you'll get much quicker results.

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