Can elephant skin on dogs be cured?

Insert clever name here Asked: Can elephant skin on dogs be cured?

Our dog has suffered from yeast infections for several years. After spending hundreds of dollars and going to the vet countless times, I have finally been able to get his itching under control. However, he now has bare patches of skin and thick, ugly skin that the vet says is "elephant skin". I don't need to know how to stop the itching. All I need to know is is there a way to get rid of the thick ugly skin or will he have that for the rest of his life? My vet has been able to provide any suggestions/treatments.


Sweet T Answered:
Try giving him a bath with Mane and Tail Shampoo. I know it's a people's shampoo but, I think it started out as an animal treatment. When I was younger my dogs caught some "mange" from the neighbors behind us and we used it on them and they had pretty fur from then on. I hope he gets better.:)

Lacey UD RE Answered:
Talk to your vet about prescribing a systemic anti-fungal.My yeast infected dog is on ketoconizole.It does work quite well for her.Much of her elephant hide has started to become normal and the skin is growing hair.She also gets a fish oil capsule daily. and is fed a diet with very little grain.Make sure that your dog's thyroid is normal.In order for the elephant hide to be decreased, the yeast in the skin has to be killed and prevented from coming back.Liver issues can be a problem when using ketoconizole so blood work needs to be run often to check for that potential side effect.

Rosalie Answered:
Check out the link in the blog post, luck (:

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