Best Way To Clean/Wash Vagina?

Jessica Hensley Asked: Best Way To Clean/Wash Vagina?

I've been a target for quite a few yeast infections :/ I'm going to the docs soon to get it cleared. But I'm also trying to change certain things around to prevent me from further yeast infections.

One of my big problems is I honestly don't know what to use to wash my vagina with. I do know that scented body washes/soap can cause a yeast infection. I've heard that washing with water is really all you need. I DO have sensitive skin as well so maybe that's why? So what would be the best way to clean myself down there when I shower, and some other things I can do to prevent future yeast infections?


Minuet Answered:
take showers regularly

Absolut Answered:
Wash around the area, don't wash in the actual vagina because it can cause irritation and infection.

Fallow Answered:
Don't douche, your body washes itself out naturally. Try to stay away from bubble baths and scented soaps down there.

Onzlow101 Answered:
Sometimes what I do is take about 56% Hydrochloric Acid to my outer labia. It burns for a little bit but also gets rid and unwanted pubes and odor. It's hard to find HCl (Hydrochloric Acid) unless you buy directly from me at 1-800-STINKY-VAG.

Sally Answered:
White dove soap works great. If you use it it's more natural and easy going and doesn't dry out like other soaps. So I'd recommend that.I use it because I had constant bladder problems and haven't since using it.

Viola Stegmann Answered:
about it you can get information from here

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