Antibiotics and bleeding?

Stephanie Asked: Antibiotics and bleeding?

I was put on a antibotic for a sinus infection. The antibotic was called Azithromycin, and it worked great. My Dr. also prescribed Fluconazole which is a pill that you take once with your antibotic to prevent yeast infections that antibotics can cause. Sice i started taking the antibotic, i started bleeding like i was having a menstral cycle, except i had already had my period this month. I am also on birth control pills and have not stopped taking them. I hardly ever spot. The flow is pretty heavy and i am a little concerned. It is also very annoying! Could it be the antibotics? Has anybody ever had this? Thanks!!


JJay Answered:
the pill wont work with antibotics…ur doctor should've told you this. sometimes when you go off the pill you can have a period because ur body doesnt know whats going on… this is normal though. so whats happening is ur taking the antibotics and its stopping the pill from working =]

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