An irritated halfway broken septate hymen?

Renegade Asked: An irritated halfway broken septate hymen?

Hello everyone.

I'm 23 and I just became sexually active about 3 weeks ago.Of course, there was some pain and bleeding the first time, and typically some initial discomfort (usually upon entering and at the beginning of sex) since.A couple of days ago I saw that I was really irritated (slightly red, irritated, itchy/burny) and I was obviously upset.AZO femine cream for irritations burning itching takes care of it.STDs have been ruled out and discharge is normal (likely not a yeast infection).I did notice, with a mirror, a broken piece of skin still down there (likely a halfway broken remain of a septate hymen) and it seems to be the cause of the irritation.It's just a vertical piece of remaining skin and upon touching it, it seems to be the source of all the irritation,

My real question: Is it fairly common to have this extra skin become irritated through sex?

We kind of were 'over-zealous' the night before it was irritated and then had sex the first night it felta bit irritated (twice in a row, which we don't normally do).I do have sensitive skin and since sex is still new (and sometimes initially painful) to my body, I was wondering if perhaps this 'skin tag' becoming irritated was the issue all along.Please help!


I think this is a symptom of bacterial vagnosis.

Wow, everyone seems to have bv at the moment. I keep answering bv questions.

Basically I had bv for like 5 years, kept coming back. Tests at dr were sometimes clear but I still had a garlic smelling discharge. I tried various things, acidophilus etc, but nothing really worked until i got some Fem Dophilus and now I'm clear.

Also, try not to get water or bath water into the vagina. Wash the vulva with Dove soap.

If you find you get it after a period, you can use Balance Activ for several days after your period to get things rebalanced. Hope that helps! Bv is not fun

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