Aloe Vera oil for vaginal burning?

Asked: Aloe Vera oil for vaginal burning?

Ok, so I finally found a doctor that is helping me cure my horrible resistant yeast infection (yay! I have Candida Glabrata, a strain resistant to anti-fungals).The good news is that the yeast infection is actually getting better (being treated with Nystatin).However, there is still some slight burning while it's healing.I know aloe vera gel can help ease vaginal burning, but I'm unable to find any at my local health stores :/I did however find 100% pure aloe vera oil (also containing sunflower and safflower oil).Will this still help with the burning even though it's not the gel form?It only contains the 3 natural ingredients, no chemicals.I figure it probably will, but want other people's opinions and advice.Thanks! icon smile Aloe Vera oil for vaginal burning?


Your local stores don't have aloe vera gel? They have that at every drug store and supermarket around here… it's with the sun block stuff 'cause people usually use it to relieve sunburns.

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